Discover the best and most effective way to manage your practice from case, client, document and relationship management, to calendar, time tracking, billing, and accounting. Practice Management Software integrates all major functions to provide a seamless and efficient management environment that is easy to use.&bnsp; Available IN THE CLOUD, Windows / SERVER installations and CompleteDATA Hybrid (the best of both worlds).

CompleteDATA is the last and only legal software vendor you will ever need. Our product, when integrated with word processing and e-mail, provides a COMPLETE solution to manage your firm and your clients. Our development team works constantly to ensure that our solution is stable, robust, and full of all the features you require. With a full line of products, we have the right solution for your firm’s size and practice type. As your business expands, we expand with you. As technology evolves, so will our product.

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Announcing New Software for all Practice Areas Including

Workers Compensation forms and links & Required Personal Injury CMS Submission

ONGOING DEVELOPMENT: Use one of three versions. (1) THe CLOUD version runs on PRIVATE SERVERS LOCATED IN THE USA - not in a Public Cloud that may be located in several countries. Access by computer, laptop, iPad, Tablets and smart phones from any location in the world. Print to any local or server printer.      (2) Hybrid version. Keep sensitive client data on your server and manage documents and emails in the cloud.  (3) Windows/Server version installed on your computers.

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