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Discover a better way to manage cases, clients, contacts,  calendar,  time, billing  and  accounting.

The features in the CompleteLAW® Legacy and Web versions of software  provide COMPLETE solutions:

   -- With CompleteLAW-Hybird® or
      With CompleteLAW-Web® acheive connectivity to

      any Android and Windows Smart Phones and
      devices with automatic billing, Document  Manage-
      ment in the Cloud, and share your calendars

      -- With CompleteLAW-Hybird® keep your sensitive client records and financial data on your server,and share  Document Management and Calendars on the Web.

CompleteLAW® Classic keeps everything on your computers. 

All versions have the following features:

     -- Conflict of interest screening and avoidance
     -- Share Office, personal, and client-matter calendars
   -- Eectronic notes to file

   -- Time and expense tracking
   -- Contact manager (relationship Management)
   -- Document creation with Mail Merge
   -- Email creation from within CompleteLAW with
      automat billing.
   -- Stores emails (to / from) in the client-matter folder 

All major functions seamlessly work together to help increase your bottom line. Other companies claim to enhance your revenues, but only enhance their own. CompleteLAW® will show you how to maximize your bottom line for a fraction of what other companies charge.


CompleteLAW provides complete functionality and is scalable to serve the needs of law firms with one to 50 attorneys. for the small office and single user provides as much help as a personal assistant could offer. CompleteLAW Practice Management brings the entire office together, seamlessly moving data between tasks and people.



Our solutions perform calendar functions, docketing, time & billing, productivity reports, and management tasks with ease. Trial lawyers find more power to help manage events, documents, contacts, and notification. A built-in search engine locates persons associated with a file to attach to a new file or to avoid conflicts. The intuitive designs of our products allow you to navigate the systems without training. Context based help gives you the help you need whenever necessary. There is no need to search an index.need to search an index.

Complete Integrations
Complete Integration with Microsoft® products including Office Suite i.e., Word®, Excel® and Visual Studio.
Also links to WorlDOX®, Corel WordPerfect® and Crystal Reports®. E-mail via completeLAW®, Outlook® and Group Wise®, PalmPilot® and BlackBerry®

Experience our online demo, request in office demo or visit FEATURES for a complete look at the many advantages completeLAW® has to offer.





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