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CompleteDATA Law Office Management Systems® is the one essential tool that a productive responsible attorney must have. We use it to assure a high level of delivery of services and to monitor associates progress and client work product. Way back in 1990 we began to work with the principals of CompleteLAW® to explain the needs of multi-state billing and supervision. Nothing could have prepared us for or made us happier than the finished product. It is reliable, easy to use, and as it says "it is a Complete system.".
- D. Fuller, CEO of Tax Resolution Corporation.


Dear Bob,
President CompleteDATA Corp

    As you know, in my 25 years of being an attorney, a legal administrator, and a consultant with small and medium size law firms, I have been on a “quest” for the perfect software package that would combine all of the various disciplines of the practice of law. I have always felt that automation would provide the equalizer between the small and medium size firm and the large law firms.
    In the past, the best I could do was to combine two different software packages. There are two approaches. One could use JURIS and TIME MATTERS or PC LAW and AMICUS ATTORNEY. While they both work, they both have shortcomings. JURIS and TIME MATTERS are two expensive for the small firm. PC LAW and AMICUS ATTORNEY are priced right, but problems occur when you have to switch between the two programs. This is also true for JURIS and AMICUS ATTORNEY.
    The best software for the small and medium firm is CompleteDATA Corp's Law OFfice Management Systems. I have found that it has all of the disciplines required to support the practice of law.
    It has a complete time and billing capability with many features which allow for attorneys to account for all of their time. It has a complete practice management capability which includes the integration of Palm devices.
    it has a fantastic calendar program which lists all court dates with warning dates at predetermined intervals. If the court date changes, then all of the warning dates change appropriately.
    CompleteLAW has as an option an excellent general ledger module which allows for managing both general and trust accounts, appriciated by medium and larger firms.
    Last, but certainly not least is the Document Management component. It allows the using law firm to become a truly paperless practice. All internally generated pleadings and correspondence is saved by the client matter number. All externally generated material are scanned and stored in PDF format by client matter number. All e-mails are stored by client matter number. When the attorney is called by the client, he/she can respond immediately with accurate information by viewing the document file. It the attorney to go to court with all of the case documents including exhibits. They can be printed and entered into evidence if required while in court.
     The CompleteDATA program is the perfect solution to allow the small and medium firms to compete with the larger firms.
Robert W. Badger, President



Our goal is to help your practice become more profitable, so our success is in knowing we have helped you.


Since 1983, we have provided 1 to 3 hour service nationwide for our network customers. We have one of the best service records in the country. Since 1990, we have been helping law firms become more efficient and profitable by using completeDATA's Law Office Management Systems®. You can count on us to provide fast, friendly and helpful service. No question is too simple. Our support agreement allows you to call anytime for anything, even "how to do" questions.

How does completeDATA software Help you and your firm?

By helping organize and manage your practice so your clients get the best from your firm.

Our customers have helped in product development and these actions make our software Complete. Many of our clients have been with us since DOS was king; and have progressed with the technology to Windows 10.

CompleteDATA has three versions of Law Office Management Systems: Windows, Hybrid, and Online. It is designed to run in all networks and Windows environments, Apple, laptops, Tablets, iPads and smart phones.

The clean new user interface, unlike any other software designed for the law office, is so easy to use that a user manual is not required. However it is available for those that want one.

  As more and more attorneys are being asked to do their own work, from document creation to entering time billing, the features of our program become more important, more powerful and more COMPLETE. We help legal professionals throughout the country be more productive.

The interactive completeDATA Calendar brings all the functions of the program together, with personal, Office and client-matter calendars. The calendar even monitors your time entries to ensure that you are billing all the events that you scheduled and completed.

All calendars on your network are available to any user with authorization to see them.






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