The completeLAW solutions perform all the necessary tasks through a single-screen environment.

Effectively manage your entire office

Seamlessly track all client activities, documents,
and events

Schedule client, court, and office events for individuals, groups, clients, and throughout the entire firm

Recover and bill all your time, even if you forgot to record the activity - our software will catch the omission.

Produce billings and reports anytime, anywhere

A COMPLETE Client Profile system manages all of the important client data with simple edits and full searches for quick references. Auto Billing provides time and expense tracking, and then promotes a more efficient invoicing process. Multiple calendars cover every aspect of your law practice and automatically identify potential scheduling conflicts, both for individuals and for groups. An effective network-wide reminder system keeps all involved parties informed, even as schedules dynamically change. The wide array of statements and reports make every document easy to customize and generate, without any technical experience or assistance.


A contact database is automatically created when you use the system as it checks each entry for conflicts. Eliminate card files and hard-to-maintain databases. It tracks every person who comes into contact with a client matter, and helps you categorize his or her involvement - from witnesses to expert witnesses.

Use Word or WordPerfect templates to generate notification with ease to expert witnesses, co-counsel and opposing counsel.  The completeLAW contact database will insert name, address and selected fields to make each letter personal and complete.  Each addressee's file is updated with a notation and date the letter was sent. 
Know you have provided required notification .

. CompleteLAW will create and catalogue any kind of list.  Create marketing lists and keep track of all contacts with  prospective clients. This includes dates of mailings, telephone contact, and more.

. CompleteLAW shows exactly what has been sent, when it was sent, and who sent it. Conversely, every receipt of a document may be cataloged as well as its location in the office.

. CompleteLAW Contact Manager allows lookups by name, specialty, type of contact, address, email, telephone, and association with a client matter(s).   It keeps a date / time stamped history of all contacts and other specific events.  You can also "note the file" on how a person wishes to be contacted, (i.e., email, fax, telephone or letter).

Note the ability and behavior of an expert witness on the witness stand, and how outside legal counsel performed. Easily attach an expert witness to a new matter.





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