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CompleteDATA®  What's New & Plans for 2018!


With continued product development and a growing customer base, CompleteDATA is looking for real growth in 2018. New and revised documentation was completed, and is available to all users. Users of older Windows versions are encouraged to learn about new features found in the Cloud version, and to signup for a 30-day RISK-FREE TRIAL.

ONLINE Law Office Management in the CLOUD

You don't have to buy anything! Lease by the month. All your data is secure and available from anywhere you have access to the Internet. Monthly Subscriptons start at $39 per user.

WHAT IT DOES: This means you can access your information remotely from anywhere on any type of device, from the office, from the road or at home. Syncing is a thing of the past. You always access updated files and documents. There is no software to download or install. In just a few minutes you are ready to go.

IT WORKS WITH Microsoft products, like Word, Excel and Outlook. It works with Corel’s WordPerfect and Google Docs. It works on a desktop, a laptop, and from your mobile device. It works on any latest version operating system. You name it, it works with it. We are designed specifically for small to medium sized US law firms. Our US lawyers and US software developers have spent decades practicing in US law firms and widentifying and developing software solutions to handle the unique challenges of practicing law.

OUR DASHBOARD ROCKS Your computer screen is organized for you. On the right hand side is a calendar with your day’s appointments. In the middle of your screen is a list of what you recently worked on, followed by your appointments, tasks and trials coming up for the next 10 days. There are links to all client/matter files, documents, billings and management reports, all accessible from your home page.


If you do not have a Law Office Managment or Billing program, or if you wish to compare your existing program to our Online Legal Software, please request a RISK-FREE 30-day TRIAL. If after 30 days you decide to keep the program, we will arrange to convert your existing data to our SQL database. If not, we appreciate your participation, and you owe nothing at all.
Send an email to sales@OnilineLawOfficeManagment.com.
We will setup your trial period and arrange online training and support.

Expanded Calendar features for Windows & Hybid users.:

    1. Select every First Monday or every third Friday for selected weeks
    2. Select any day of a month for selected number of months
    3. Add  each of the next 7 Tuesdays and Thursdays
    4. Expanded vacation scheduling
    5. Expanded trial scheduling
    6. Expanded anniversary and birthday - with reminders


    1.  Replaces 'pink-phone slips'
    2.  Organize phone calls by caller, date, Case-caption,
         who caller wished to speak with, and what the call was about.
    3.  Ideal for workers comp and personal Injury firms to organize
         call backs
    4.  If call was from a client regarding a court date and time -look
         up calendar and respond immediately - while program writes a
         memo in the client-matter file.
    5.  Easily route call to another.


     1.  This is an Installed Windows Version utilizing the Cloud.
     2.  Maintain your sensitive client files and financial data on your
          server, and share documents and calendars in the Cloud.
     3.  It is fast and easy to use. 
     4.  Share documents in the CLOUD rather than
          attaching documents to an email,
     5.  System keeps a version log with Author, date created and
          last edited by.


     1.  Upon opening a new matter a folder is created automatically in
         your folder structure or in the default provided.
     2.  All documents may be managed for the matter from this folder.
     3.  The folder(s) may contain scanned documents, emails,
           word processing documents, Excel Spreadsheets
           pictures, and other documents.





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