CompleteLAW® is the most complete and affordable solution on the market today.


Our software is sold as a complete offering based on the number of lawyers in your firm or you can purchase only the modules you require. Of course you can always add lawyer licenses in the future or purchase additional modules as your needs increase.

CompleteLAW® is installed READY to use, without the need to hire expensive outside consultants or programmers. While we offer training, most of our customers have told us it isn't required as completeLAW is easy to use.


1. CompleteLAW v10.8 Single User Time & Billing /Accounts Receivable / client expenses. - $395.00
2. Including AutoBill / ClientNARRATIVE / E-mail - $695.00
3. With Calendaring: personal / client / group / Docket / Task Management - $995.00
4. Full version: above with Contact Management and PI settlement statements / Mail Merge - $1,295.00
5. Peer-to-peer Network - Full version for 2-3 users with Conflict checking and all of above - $2,795.00
6. Network: Novell/Microsoft: Full version for 4-5 users with Conflict checking / AP / GL
Call for pricing of special orders including Document Management, Document Creation and additional features. Network pricing is available only from our sales department, and the cost per user is reduced by higher number of users.

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