Training options:

1 Onlne CLOUD Users.
The initial traning session is provided when you begin to use the 30-day free trial. Subsequent training may be obtained anytime.
For instant help open USERS -> Help from the Main Menue in 28 help files are available to brows or print.
Training is provided in a manner that is convenient to you, your firm and your staff.
2 On Site Training.
We come to you, work in your offices and provide training using your system, your data and work with your clients. .
3. Training via Internet.
Training classes via the Internet are available for everyone. These are Two-way interaction sessions with voice.time for questions and answers.
4. Classroom style training for Windows and Hybrid users
Held at a computer training center near your office.  This is one of the best methods for large offices. Each person has use of a computer, and all may participate in sessions perpared for staff.
Separate sessions for attorneys practicing transactional law and for trial attorneys and legal assistants.



Complete Service, Training and Support...


We strive to be the last legal software vendor you will ever select. That's possible because not only does our software do the job now and for the future, but because we have the support and service to exceed your expectations every day, every time, completely!

Since 1983,
we have provided 1 to 3 hour service nationwide for our network and accounting customers. In 1990 we added Law Firm Support, usually provided within minutes of a phone call and within an hour of receipt of an email.  

We have been helping law firms become more efficient and profitable by using CompleteDATA. You can count on us to provide fast, friendly and helpful service. No question is too simple or too complex. Our support agreement allows you to call anytime and talk with a real person, or you may email your requests for anything, even "how to do" questions..




 Quick questions? For quick answers:
            1) Call our support number,                      
            2) Browse our Web Page help section, or
            3) Ask for "Quick-on-line" help.                




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