Complete calendar control...


completeDATA calendars are one of the key features that give you complete control over your business and your life. Multiple calendars offer many filter options, so you see the important and relevant information how and when you want. Setting appointments, tasks, and court dates is very simple. Once appointments are set, they are available to you and anyone you choose; you can view on-screen, print a report. Also provided are unlimited reminders so you won't forget that critical event.

You will know at a glance:

1. Meeting times

2. Court appearances and Trial dates, with last day to add...

3. Who to call TODAY

4. What needs to be filed today.

5.  Reminders of Statute of Limitation crated from the
     Statute of Limitations Calculator.

6.  Trial and Court Reminders may be


Easily select persons to attend Group Meetings. Each attendee's calendar lists all other people scheduled for the meeting, date, time, and place, and what the meeting is about.

This means time and relationships are infinitely easier to manage. The completeDATA Calendar keeps checking your billing file to make sure you didn't miss anything. Now that is automation at its best!

Organize your schedule and be the most productive with the help of the completeDATA calendar features.





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