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This multi-level system checks all parties automatically and displays actual or potential conflicts. The more data in the completeDATA® system, the more thorough the conflict check system becomes. These powerful tools also serve as comprehensive search capabilities.

Level-1 checks for all entries as an active, inactive or deleted client.
"Sounds-like" technology is used to find a name such as Bob "Smith" and Bob "Smythe" and reports out both when doing a conflict search.

Level-2 scans primarily for other parties.
If a match is found, the system displays a "CONFLICT EXISTS" window containing basic information. The user is not allowed to continue until the conflict is resolved. If a near match is found, a "CONFLICT MAY EXIST" window is displayed containing similar names with the referenced file number, date opened, responsible attorney, and description so the user may decide if a conflict exists.

Level-3 checks names of persons and companies referenced in contested matters maintained by the system. The search includes all other parties; jury list, witness list, and any other lists of names attached to any file. Near-matches are displayed for review. A match displays conflict data.

Level-4 searches officers or partners in a Company or Partnership.
If an officer or partner has been involved in a contested matter, is involved in a personal matter, or is an officer or partner of one of your clients, the involvement will be displayed. In addition to presenting the potential conflict, CompleteDATA will provide details along with other information about the matter. You may also incorporate information from the Internet obtained from Thomson West, Westlaw and LexisNexis partnership thus extending your conflict search to include information in the public domain.

Contact Manager Search:
When you enter a name into any category in "LISTS - CONTACT MANAGER" the name is checked against all names associated in any way with any client in the system. Potential conflicts are presented, allowing you to review the information and determine if a conflict is present.

Document searches. An add-on feature.
Advanced searches may be made of all documents and word processing files for existence of a similar name or a "text string", depending on your data file structure and computer’s organization of data. If the search locates a name or "text string" it is displayed with text surrounding the name or "text string" along with the name of the document where found, location of document and date the document was prepared.





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