Complete options for statements and reports


The completeDATA® options for statements and reports are unrivaled. Any type of billing may be printed including LEDES billing for all formats; You may select from our vast array of pre-set statement formats, or you may create your own. Customize your statements to show the information you need. Add your identity information and get statements out quickly, accurately, and completely! Statements may be sent via UPostal mail, e-mail, or LEADS direct, and print envelopes or labels.

Our standard reports include over 35, and for large firms, 27 additional productivity reports and profitability reports. The simple controls and options make managing the many necessary reports and statements an easy task that saves valuable time for all users of the completeDATA network.

•  Edit any billing item any time. Write up/down feature.
•  Spell Check with legal dictionary (customize with your own words).
• Print pre-bills as report, statement, or in electronic format.
• Send invoices and statements via e-mail,Postal mail and by LEDES electronic billing safely.
•  Print statements individually, for a class of clients, or by a printing code. The print date and cut-off date are retained in each client Profile.
•  Reprint any statement from the start of a matter to the present, even if it's three or more years.
•  Reprint any archived report.
• Automatically adjust distribution of funds on challenged billings, and reproduce distribution reports at any time.

•  Up to 73 reports may be viewed or printed; others may be created by YOU!
•  View and print "Calendar and Billing Corrections Report".
•  Print WIP (work in progress) reports as often as you require daily, weekly or monthly. View timekeeper's hours, rate, and all other statistical totals.






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