For faster productivity, you need a system
that works in real time.



AutoBILLtm is a feature that is unique to CompleteLAW. It provides complete time and billing controls - with optional automatic billing features

Automatic Time Billing functions with advanced clock-timer and activity summary for easy and detailed client narratives. Customize billing codes create billing summaries and integrate to accounting (general ledger) while providing details of work, invoices and collected attorney details.

All these functions can be conveniently accessed through easy-to-see and -use "tabs", which are located directly on the screen. Work on several matters at once, switching between them is easy and instant.


Asl for a White Pager on how it works.


How much time do you save?
How long does it take to find required information in a paper file?
To write and transcribe your time-slip?
How long to dictate, transcribe, print and file your notes?
How long does it take to find several occurrences of specific information in a paper file as old as one or more years?

Certainly not fast enough for you to respond to the person waiting on the phone.

For faster productivity, you need a system that works in real time.





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