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                            Classic, Web-based, and Hybrid


NOTE:  Several additional modules may be included or ordered as needed with any standard CompleteDATA version. For example:

      1) Advanced Contact Management 
      2) Document Management 
      3) Document Preparation templates 
      4) Scanned Image organization 
      5) Full featured accounting systems 
      6) Ask about other modules.

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completeDATA Classic®
Our standard server-based Practice Management software
described in detail below


completeDATA CLOUD®
starting at $39 / month for Solo's
Lease plans for offices of 2 to 100 persons
with the Exclusive Attorney-Dashboard® 
You have to see it to believe it!
The future of attorney
preparedness and organization


starting at $79 / month Lease Plan
or Purchase
The BEST of Both Worlds
Server and Web-Services

completeDATA-Hybrid software is designed for law firms that wish to keep sensitive client data and financial information on thier own servers and still take advantage of web services where the Web works best: Sharing documents and calendars on the Web.  Create and edit documents on your computer and/or on the web.  Call an ask how you can get started this week! 

CompleteDATA-Lite sole practitioner software installed on your computer.  Perfect for retiring attorneys that should prepare computer data from paper files for younger attorneys, who usually will not take over a practice that is not computerized.  Also pefect for a new attorney just starting out.  Low Low price of $395.00 - with Internet support available.


CompleteDATA Classic  for sole practitioner install on your computer (purchase). 

 CompleteDATA: 2-3 User Small Network: Purchase or Internet rental.


CompleteDATA: 4-5 User Small Network: Purchase or Internet rental. With 8 modules that may be included as you need them.


CompleteDATA: 6-150 Users in any Server .


. NOTE: Eight (8) separate modules may be included, or order them as needed with any of the above packages. For example: Advanced Contact Management, Document Management, Document Preparation, AutoBillT with ClientNarrativeT, Scanned Image organization, full featured accounting systems, and other modules.


. CompleteDATA Calendar.  Included in all modules above, and available separately as a 'stand alone' calendar, or  Networked Calendar for lawyers, accountants and consultants including:
. Personal and Client-Matter Calendars with; Docket, Task Manager, Conflict Checking - AND Contact Manager, all in one.  Easily: 1) set trials spanning days or weeks, 2) Court dates and tasks create automated reminder notices, 3)  Rescheduled dates move reminders notices as well. 4) Group meetings showing attendees.
5) Select every first Monday, or every third Friday, or  selected day of a month for selected number of weeks or months.


. CompleteDATA Legal Specialty Software. Order one or more specialty modules designed for handling a large number of claims (in the millions) for: Class Action, Mass Tort and Workers Compensation. The modules may be modified to support your Firm's specifications. Runs on Microsoft® SQL, MySQLT or Oracle®.
.NOTE: You may also order billing and contact managment functions to work in concert with your existing Online marketing technology.


We are actively generating links with all Android® and Windows® based Smart Phones and devices.
See "Latest News" for more information.


. Conflict check upgrade and ala carte software packages.s.





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